Thursday, August 28, 2008

A different kind of crafting...

Lacie (our daughter) is going to be the flower girl in my cousin's wedding. He (Bry) is getting married next Saturday. We leave a week from today to go to Washington and are staying in Seattle, and I am excited about the trip. I haven't been to Washington in over 10 years!

Anyway, I made Lacie's dress for the wedding. A little different from the crafting I normally do, but it is still a craft. And if you care for a background on my sewing history, I started sewing when I was in elementary school and was given a sewing machine for Christmas in 4th grade. I still use the same sewing machine. I made many of my own clothes when I was younger, some for my cousin (Molly) when she was younger, miscellaneous odds and ends, and also made another flower girl dress for the first wedding Lacie was in (I think that was about two years ago now). She has one more to go (Caleb's brother is getting married in October)...and I am not making a dress for that one. I am flower-girl-dressed-out!

The wedding is going to be all sorts of fall colors. The dress is really more like a deep red/burgundy color than what is showing up in the pictures, but I guess you will have to use your imagination for that...oh, and obviously I will be doing something with her hair.

The pattern showed a very fluffy bottom of the dress, but it didn't have me do any netting underneath. I made up my own little extra skirt for underneath and attached some netting to give it some poof. (It is very odd looking, but it serves its purpose.) You can see the net sticking out in the pictures a bit, but I have fixed that. Netting is wonderful because you just snip wherever and it is finished. Oh, and actually, the netting in the picture is showing much closer to the real color of the that can give you an idea.

The back of the dress...

If you have hints on how to tie a pretty bow on a sash, please share. It is harder than it should be! I am wishing I would have made a sash with a velcro on bow that was pre-made all pretty and didn't have to be tied, but I didn't, so now I have to tie the thing. Ugh.

This is the best picture I could find of Lacie in the first flower girl dress I made her:

And luckily someone else tied the sash that day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today my blog candy from Ms_Dee arrived! A new Paper Gator!

Look out world! Everything with corners will now be rounded!

Thank you SO much, Ms_Dee!!!