Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today my blog candy from Ms_Dee arrived! A new Paper Gator!

Look out world! Everything with corners will now be rounded!

Thank you SO much, Ms_Dee!!!


scrapn_momof2 said...

Oooooh SO COOL!! Wendy was showing me hers just a few weeks ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFANY!!!

Dianne said...

WOW that looks a great prize, well done!!
and most importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

j said...

I am soooo jealous,hurry up & let me see the results...lmbo!!!!!
I am so happy that you won this as i couldn't think of a more deserving person than you ((hugs))


Jenny said...

I don't even know what this is!!!! But it looks cool! I love the new blog look!!!!

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh picture for me :( and I don't know what it is!!! But congrats on the win girl!!!! And oh to be 28 again!!! HUGS!