Thursday, October 11, 2007

Family Tree Template - Now available for download!

I just wanted to let you know that my Family Tree Template

is now available for download on

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kids Card - Go Bananas!

Instructions (All cuts from George Cricut cartridge):
  1. In brown, cut two circles at 4". Cut two more circles at 1 1/2". Cut two narrow balloons at 3 1/2".
  2. In tan, cut two 1" circles and one 3" "fat" oval.
  3. In white, cut two 1 1/4" circles.
  4. In white, cut slotted tag in desired size.
  5. Ink all edges.
  6. Place star brads in white circles for the eyes.
  7. Draw mouth on 3" "fat" oval.
  8. Attach eyes and mouth to the front of one 4" circle.
  9. Attach one 1" tan circle to the front of each 1 1/2" brown circle to make the ears.
  10. Attach ears to the back of the 4" circle.
  11. Attach balloons (to form hands/arms) to the back of the 4" circle. (Attach so that when the arms are folded in, they will cover the eyes.)
  12. Attach the second 4" circle to the back of the decorated 4" circle (inked side out).
  13. Chalk cheeks and add dots or decoration as desired.
  14. Set snap/rivet in one side of ribbon. Attach with Zots to one hand.
  15. Measure length of ribbon (so it will reach the other hand), and cut. Slide slotted tag onto ribbon after writing your message on the tag. Set another snap/rivet in the other end of the ribbon and attach with Zots to the other hand.
  16. Decorate tag and card with Stickles as desired.
  17. Use wavy scissors or a scallop cut to make the envelope decoration. Add Stickles and a yellow brad. Draw bananas on the front of the envelope and color with chalk. Add Stickles as desired.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kids Card - "Fishing" You A Happy Birthday

Instructions (All from ZooBalloo & George):
  1. Cut out a fish bowl at 4" (Real Dial Size On) in blue. Cut the silhouette at the same size (again in blue). Cut the layer at the same size in white vellum.
  2. Trim off the top of the vellum cut to resemble water waves. Trim the silhouette so only the bottom, outside ring remains (as in picture).
  3. Cut out grass at 1" in green.
  4. Cut out fish at 1 1/2" in orange (Real Dial Size On) and another at 1 1/4".
  5. Cut "(" and ")" out at 2" in brown (Real Dial Size On).
  6. Cut out envelope at 4" in white.
  7. Ink edges of grass, fish, fish bowl, and envelope in desired colors.
  8. Draw bubbles on envelope and ink in desired color.
  9. Attach grass to fish bowl, trimming to fit the curve.
  10. Attach white circle (ink edges in desired color and write "Happy Birthday" on it) to the center of the fish bowl. You can cut this from George at 1" or cut free hand.
  11. Attach vellum to fish bowl only at the edges. Attach fish bowl silhouette to vellum.
  12. Hook wire through 1 1/2" fish's tail and into one of the "(". Attach the other ")" on top to make the fishing pole. Attach to the fish bowl with a snap/rivet (loose enough to allow some turning). Insert fish into the "water", covering the "Happy Birthday" circle.
  13. Attach 1 1/4" fish to the envelope flap.
  14. Use Stickles and Liquid Pearls as desired.
  15. Cut slotted tag from George in desired size. Ink edges and write "Fishing you a..." on the tag. Thread with ribbon and trim ribbon ends. Attach to fish bowl.
THE END - Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pick-A-Present...Coupon Book

A new take on the old-fashioned "coupon book" gift.

  1. Cut 4 scalloped envelopes from two colors of cardstock at 2 1/2" (ZooBalloo). Assemble, but do not fold down the top flap.
  2. Cut two scalloped envelopes (one from white cardstock and one from patterned paper) at 3" (ZooBalloo). Remove side flaps. Attach patterned paper to cardstock cut out.
  3. Cut scalloped squares from Mini Monograms at 2 1/2" (You can also use the scalloped square on the tag from ZooBalloo if you turn Real Dial Size on).
  4. Cut a slotted tag from George at desired size. Write "Pick-A-Present" on the tag.
  5. Ink edges of all pieces.
  6. Set an eyelet at the bottom center of each of the 2 1/2" envelopes.
  7. Fold the 3" envelope at scoring marks and again 1/4" from the bottom edge scoring marks. This creates a box shape at the bottom of the envelope.
  8. Set eyelets at the bottom center of the 3" envelope on each side, matching up the height with the 2 1/2" envelope eyelet settings.
  9. Set an eyelet at the top of each side of the 3" envelope, front and back (see picture for positioning).
  10. Set an eyelet at the top of each scalloped square.
  11. Use small ribbon and a ribbon embroidery needle to easily thread ribbon through the eyelet holes. Tie ribbon individually onto scalloped squares. Thread ribbon through the bottom of the large envelope (front) and all the small envelopes and out the back of the large envelope. Thread another ribbon through the sides of the large envelope. Thread both sides of ribbon through the slotted tag you made from George and knot ends (see picture).]
  12. Write gifts/coupons onto scalloped squares. (Ex: "This coupon good for your favorite home cooked meal.", or "This coupon good for one evening out.", or "This coupon good for one toy up to $5 at your favorite toy store.", etc.)
  13. Insert scalloped squares into small envelopes or a gift card will also fit if you choose (see picture).
  14. Tie ribbon from bottom of envelope up and over the scalloped top. Situate the bow behind the George tag.

Other ideas for this arrangement:
  • Write reasons why you love someone on the cards and give them your love notes in this cute package.
  • Use as a way to do drawings or raffles...each person picks a card from the collection for their prize.

Empty Nest

  1. Cut bird and nest from ZooBalloo in brown at 3 1/2" (remove baby bird from cut).
  2. Cut bird in blue at the same size (real dial size off). Attach blue bird to brown nest.
  3. Cut branches in silhouette at 2" and 1 1/4" in brown and again normal in green. Ink green branches and attach behind the brown cut out.
  4. Use brown satin ribbon and brown sheer ribbon to create the look on the nest. (I attached with Zots).
  5. Use Pewter Liquid Pearls to give the bird shimmer and then use Dark Blue Stickles to add some glitter and outline the bird. Use Orange Peel Stickles for the bird's beak and Cinnamon Stickles for the branches and bird's legs.
  6. Attach all pieces to card. (I used a pre-made card from a Michael's card box.)