Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where it's good to be a number...

What??? You aren't a Fiskateer?
You should be!

I am totally loving being a Fiskateer...I've "met" (virtually and in person) some awesome people, been inspired to create some wonderful things, and I've had fun on an awesome message board with lots of wonderful folks.
Oh...and I've even won a lovely new Fiskars stamp set...and many other Fiska-fabulous things. :o)
[And the word on the street is that every Fiskateer will also get a surprise in the mailbox one day - something very Fiska-rrific!]

If you aren't a Fiskateer, you should be...just e-mail Angela at (or you can just click the link) and tell her that Tifany (#5942) sent you and that you'd like to be a Fiskateer! She'll tell you everything you need to join!

Fiskars is an awesome company and there is also another great craft-related company in the Fiskars family: Gingher.

Be a Fiskateer! Do it!
(And please leave a comment telling me if you do - I'd love to know...and let me know your Fiskateer number so i can connect to you.)

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  1. Thanks for the info Tifany. I sent my e-mail this morning.


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