Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Release Day!

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Today is the official release date for the May/June 2011 issue of Paper Crafts magazine.

I've had it in my hands for about a week now and it is a FABULOUS issue!

{I do have to say that my favorite projects are on pages 48, 51, and 76!}

I thought about giving you a peek at one of my cards from the issue, but instead I am going to show you something MUCH cuter - my daughter's version of one of my cards!
{She's 7 and can draw better than this, but you have to see my original card on page 51 to see why she did this.}

She took it one step further than I did...how cute is this?

You can get a little peek at the card that inspired Lacie in this post on the Paper Crafts Connection blog. {It's the one right beneath the light switch in the group photo at the end of the post.}

You can find the pattern for my "Apron Gift Card Holder" {page 48} here.

Thanks for stopping by today...have a fabulous day!

***Edited to add: I just noticed the "followers" count is currently at 199! Will you be the one to put it in the 200's? Please do! I think I feel a giveaway comin' on!


  1. So very cute Tiffany!! She does have your creative genes!!

  2. follower 200 at your service LOL
    Sandra fiskateer #1076

  3. Very nice version of your card! She is already showing signs of her mom's talents!

    Thank you for reminding me the new issue is out! I looked at the blog and saw your card. It is wonderful! Congratulations on being published!

  4. SO proud for you to add more pubs to your Design belt! That's awesome news, I'll have to go to the Bookstore to check them all out.

  5. Very cute, Tifany! And btw, your project is one of my favies in the magazine! Supah cute! :)

  6. Woohoo, such great news!

    sandy fiskateer 4165

  7. So cute, Tif! And did you see the little shout out in the ed note? :) PS - I'm a big fan of the houndstooth apron gift card holder and one amazingly surprising cameo card in the Sept/Oct issue. ;)

    Susan R. Opel
    Creative Editor, Paper Crafts magazine

  8. Congratulations Tifany!!!

    Lacie made a great card too :)

  9. her card is adorable. she gets the talent from her mommy, no doubts!! :-)

  10. I noticed your name in the editor's column so I had to check it out :) I LOVE your fridge card and your daughters is super cute too!!!

  11. Looks like you have a 'budding' artist on your hands! Nice work!

  12. Looks like you have a 'budding artist' in the works! Love her card - especially the inside!

  13. ell, congratulations! I had that very magazine right here at my computer desk and flipped to those pages. reat work! Always fn to see work by someone I know.


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