Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book Review :: Adventure Bible Storybook Deluxe Edition By Catherine DeVries

Adventure Bible Storybook Deluxe Edition By Catherine DeVries

The Adventure Bible Storybook Deluxe Edition includes a hardback version of the Adventure Bible Storybook and a sturdy folder containing two audio CDs, which both slide into the included hard storage case.

My children love to listen to audio CDs and that was a big draw for me on this edition. The audio CDs are well done. There are multiple voices on the CDs, and a good mix of background sounds/music that enhances the experience rather than overwhelming it. If there is dialogue in the story, the dialogue is read in a different voice (or voices) than the rest of it. Although the voices aren't up there with the best audio CDs we've listened to, it will definitely keep my kids' attention and won't get too annoying for me when I hear it over and over and over.

As for the Adventure Bible Storybook itself, the pages are definitely inviting. The illustration style is an interesting merge between cartoon and realistic style drawings, which I enjoy and my kids do, too. For the actual text - if you are looking for a solid, Bible-only version with nothing added...this isn't for you. This is a storybook, and is written as such. With that being said, I don't think there is anything in the text that would keep me from sharing the stories with my children. I may talk to them about the difference in a storybook and the text straight from our Bible, but I will still share this with them. The stories included in this storybook are the "classic" stories that are usually emphasized for children - nothing deep, just the stories. At the end of each story there is an "Adventure Discovery" (a quick sentence or two referencing some part of the story) and "Words to Treasure" (a Bible verse from the NIV/NIRV), which are a nice little bonus. (The "Adventure Discovery" and "Words to Treasure" are also read aloud on the audio CDs.)

Overall, this is a fun addition to your bookshelf and I think this is something that many kids will look at (and listen to) repeatedly.

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