Thursday, June 2, 2016

Book Review :: Beautiful Word Bible (with video flip-through)

It's Bible week on my blog!
Stay tuned this week as I review a variety of Bibles.
The Beautiful Word Bible is a unique Bible that is great for those who love to be creative (and appreciate the creativity of others) in their worship and study times.
The Beautiful Word Bible is currently available in NIV, NKJV, and KJV - each with a variety of cover options.

Although I do not currently own the Beautiful Word Bible, I did find it (NIV) recently in a store and was able to take a quick (approximately 30 second) video as I was flipping through it. I think that is really the best way to get a feel for the Beautiful Word Bible, so here it is:

Because I know many people have found my Bible reviews helpful, I wanted to at least give the Beautiful Word Bible a little bit of "air time" here on my blog so that you can be informed as you are making decisions on your Bible purchases. 

Happy reading!

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