Friday, January 23, 2009

Compare and contrast...

I thought it would be fun to see my three full term pregnancy pictures side-by-side to do a little comparing and contrasting.
Here is how I have "grown" through the years:

(As always you can click on it to see it bigger)


Norine said...

you look great I carried like that mostly in the front
Hope your feeling good

TR said...

Click on it to see it BIGGER? *EEKS* Just kidding.
You're adorable. :) (HUG) TR

Sharon Caudle said...

So are you like totally ready for this to be over???!!! :) You look adorable as always Tifany! Most people could only wish to look so danged cute!! hugs to you!!!

Jenny said...

What a great idea! It doesn't look like you have aged or changed at all!!!

LiveLaughScrap said...

You have been tagged!! See my blog for instructions.
Good luck & try to be comfortable.