Friday, August 28, 2009

Crop 'Til You Drop!

I've told you before about how you should join the Fiskateers.

Recently my sister-in-law {Jenny} and I were able to go to a Fiskateer crop in was such a blast!

{Westin joined me, too!}

I realize that sometimes you just can't get out of the house to make it to a crop, and Fiskars has thought of that, too! There is an online crop today and tomorrow on the Fiskateers message board.

Join in on the fun!!!


  1. looks fun, I have a shirt that almost matches your sons onesie exactly! lol

    Thanks for adding the blinkie!

    Oh yeah, and I will be in CA on the 19th and 20th, it's a busy week, but I am taking a class a Green T, maybe we can meet up there :)

  2. Hi Tifany,sorry it has been so long & I am embarassed at how long it has been now that i see baby Westin looking so big !!!!!!!!!!
    Orange is such a flattering colour on you both & I am glad you had a great day !!!!!

    Jean :)


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