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Book Review :: NASB Note-taker's Bible by Zondervan

The Note-taker's Bible is now available in many versions: KJVNKJVNIVNASB, and Amplified. I received the hardcover edition of the NASB version of the Note-taker's Bible to review, but it is also available in imitation leather

The cover image you see shows the dust cover image for the NASB Note-taker's Bible. Underneath the dustcover, the hardcover is a full-coverage black/dark grey (with a linen texture look) - it simply says "Holy Bible" on the front cover and spine (with additional NASB and Zondervan logos on the spine). The NASB Note-taker's Bible is approximately 1 1/4" thick (as opposed to the 3/4" thick NASB Thinline Bible). 

Inside, the NASB Note-taker's Bible basically looks like a Bible that was trimmed incorrectly, which is where the note-taking space comes in. The text is all toward the top and spine of the Bible, with unlined margin space on the sides and bottom of the text. 
As you can see from the pictures, the side margins are 1 3/8" wide (space on the left-hand side for left pages and on the right-hand side for right pages) and the bottom margin is 1 5/8". I wish the margins were a bit bigger (2" would be great), but these will definitely give me space to write and draw. 

Here you can see the NASB Note-taker's Bible compared to the NASB Thinline Bible:
(This is the particular NASB Thinline Bible shown in the picture - after being used for a few years.)

As you can see, the NASB Note-taker's Bible has the same size text and the same page layout as the NASB Thinline Bible, just with the addition of side and bottom margins.

The NASB Note-taker's Bible has black text (including headings) with the words of Christ in red, laid out in two columns. This is the NASB version of the Bible. The text is standard size - not large, but not extra small. There are no study notes in the NASB Note-taker's Bible, but it does contain some basic footnotes. There are no maps like you might find in many Bibles. 

At the back of the NASB Note-taker's Bible is a concordance (45+ pages), a list of abbreviations for the books of the Bible, and a few variety of suggestions for reading. The suggestions for reading include: "Promises from the Bible", "Perspectives from the Bible", "Ministry of Jesus", "Teachings of Jesus", "Miracles of Jesus", and "Parables of Jesus". The margins for the sections at the back of the Bible are not the same as the margins in the Scripture portion of the Bible - the text of the pages are centered (in all directions), leaving some room at the top, both sides, and bottom of each page.

If you are looking for an NASB with wide margins, but prefer a single column format, you may want to check out the NASB Wide Margin Bible (which I believe is out of print, but still available if you search for it). 

The pages of the NASB Note-taker's Bible are not the very thin rice paper type pages of many Bibles, but they are not as thick as a regular piece of printer paper, either. The recommendation from Zondervan (given on the last page of this Bible) is that you should use a ball-point pen or a pencil to avoid bleed-through with your notes/artwork. (If you are planning to use this Bible for Bible journaling, art journaling, or like to use a variety of writing instruments in your Bibles, this page at the back of the Bible would be a great "tester" page.)

I am excited to start using the NASB Note-taker's Bible for some Bible journaling

FTC Declaration: The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. This does not change the fact that I will give my honest opinion in my reviews.

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