Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Adventures in Bible art & journaling :: Week 1

As I mentioned previously, I have recently started Bible journaling. (I guess what I do is more "Bible art" or "Bible word art", but I am going to refer to it as "Bible journaling" because that is the phrase I have heard most associated with it.) For me, this idea of tying in drawing and word art with The Word is so exciting! I often get pictures in my head when I hear a lesson or read a verse, and it just makes sense to me to put it on the page. 

I know there are a variety of responses to this practice...I've had a variety of responses just from my kids:

My two older kids both were very curious when they first saw me doing this...and not even a minute or two later were asking if they can get a "Bible they can draw in" one day.

My soon-to-be 6 year old son had a slightly different reaction at first:
"Are you drawing in your Bible? You can't draw in your Bible! Did they let you do that?"
(I don't know who "they" are...haha.)
But now that he has seen me do it more, he has now started offering his artistic services ("I can draw a man if you need a man"). He has shown more interest as time goes on. 

Although my older kids don't have a journaling Bible (yet), I have already seen them draw in response to what they read, and I think it would be fantastic for them to have a journaling Bible to keep it all together.

I have decided to share my Bible journaling work here on my blog (weekly). I hope this will not only hold me accountable, but hopefully inspire others to use their creativity in response to God and to praise Him. I am not only going to share my favorite pages, I am also going to share the ones that I don't care for as much, because I don't want to make it seem like this is something that has to be perfect. This is a response and very often my response is not quite what I would have hoped it would be.

With all of that said - here are the pages from my first week of Bible journaling:

This first page was in response to a lesson at church:
These entries in Ruth were prompted by a lesson in our homeschooling:

This was just a set of verses that were brought to mind:
This was in response to a discussion my husband and I had:
This was a drawing/word art that I had done previously (in a notebook I keep of various drawings) when our family memorized Psalm 23, and I just transferred it into my journaling Bible:
This was prompted by a lesson at church awhile ago, something I had drawn previously in a notebook and transferred into my journaling Bible:
Thanks for stopping by!

Bible: Zondervan (NASB Note-taker's Bible);
Colored Pencils: Prang (various colors);
Pens: ZIG (Millennium); Sakura (Pigma Micron); Sharpie (Pen.);

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Libby U said...

I like your pages! I think I'm going to start simple too...colored pencils and thin tip marks.