Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Gift Bag {The Twinery / SRM Stickers}

I don't know if you've noticed, but to me it seems that there are a whoooole lot of birthdays happening this time of year. 
And where there are birthdays...there are gifts. 
And where there are gifts...there is a need for cute gift bags.

Enter The Twinery and SRM Stickers:
I took a plain glassine bag and jazzed it up with some birthday border stickers. Then I turned the flat glassine bag into a dimensional gift bag by folding it along the three closed edges (the same depth of fold on each side). When I opened up the bag, I just folded in the bottom corners, and voil√†!

The finished product is perfect for giving a small gift, or even to use as a party goodie bag. And, of course, The Twinery's twine is perfect for tying (pun intended) it all together.

Happy gifting!
Twine: The Twinery (Blue Lagoon - Limited Edition); 
Bag and Stickers: SRM Stickers (Flat Glassine Bag, We've Got Your Border - Birthday); 

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