Friday, September 9, 2016

Need a necklace? No problem! {The Twinery}

It's no secret that I love using twine. I use it for crafting, of course, but I also love to use it for quick and easy jewelry. (You can see some past jewelry projects I've done with twine here, here, here, and here.) I love using The Twinery's twine for jewelry because it is so soft and lightweight, and it adds a great pop of color.
Recently I was looking for a last minute addition to my outfit, so I simply grabbed my spool of Solid Mandarin twine and went to work. I started with three strands of twine, knotted it in several places along the middle section and then braided both ends. I made it extra long so that I can also wrap it around a couple times as a super skinny belt, but love using it as a multi-strand necklace as well. 

With so many colors of twine available from The Twinery's shop, I've got lots of options for additions to future outfits...and you do, too!