Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Book Review :: NIrV Minecrafters Bible, Hardcover

The NIrV Minecrafters Bible is sure to be a hit with any Minecraft loving child. (Disclaimer: This Bible has no specific affiliation with the Minecraft game, to my knowledge.) My sons (ages 7 & 10) were both eyeing it as soon as it entered our house.
The NIrV Minecrafters Bible is the New International Reader's Version (NIrV) version of the Bible. The NIrV is a simplified version of the NIV, written at approximately a 3rd grade reading level. The NIrV is composed of smaller, easy-to-understand words in shorter sentences than the traditional NIV.

The NIrV Minecrafters Bible has all black text (including headings and the words of Christ), laid out in two columns. The text is standard size - not large, but not extra small. There are no study notes or footnotes in the NIrV Minecrafters Bible, just strictly Bible text. There are no maps like you might find in many Bibles. 

At the back of the NIrV Minecrafters Bible are two study helps: a 5-page dictionary (words & definitions, but no verse references) and lists compiling 92 "Great Bible Stories" (with verse references). The "Great Bible Stories" lists would be great to use for monthly reading plans. 

The "flair" of the NIrV Minecrafters Bible comes in with the full-color pages that are placed throughout the Bible. (The pages are a bit thicker than the text pages.) At the beginning of the NIrV Minecrafters Bible is an insert containing the presentation page, a two-page "How To Use This Bible" spread, and a "God Creates The World" page. 

Each insert throughout the text in the NIrV Minecrafters Bible is a full-color (front and back) page. Each of these has a pixelated (on purpose, Minecraft style) depiction of the topic, a little portion to read about the topic, a verse to read, and a "What To Do" idea (for something to create in Minecraft). Here are the topics covered in the inserts:
- Noah Builds an Ark
- Building the Tower of Babel
- The Ten Commandments
- Building the Tabernacle
- The Walls of Jericho
- Samson's Super Strength
- David Defeats Goliath
- Psalm 23
- Solomon Builds God's Temple
- Jonah and the Very Big Fish
- Jesus is Born
- Finding the Twelve Disciples
- Feeding Over 5,000 People
- Jesus Walks on Water
- The Last Supper
- Jesus Gives His Life
- Planting Seeds
- A Strong Foundation
- The Armor of God
- The ABCs of Salvation

I liked that the topics covered on the full-color inserts in the NIrV Minecrafters Bible aren't necessarily what would typically be pointed out in a children's Bible (stories like Adam & Eve, etc.) - it gave a unique perspective for this Bible. I also liked that it often prompts the child to try something new in their Minecraft time...and tie it in with thoughts of Jesus. With all the things kids can do on Minecraft, something relating to the true kingdom is certainly a great direction to go. 

The NIrV Minecrafters Bible has the basics you need, with some extras that will draw in a variety of children. I think any Minecraft-loving child would love to have this Bible.
FTC Declaration: The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy. This does not change the fact that I will give my honest opinion in my reviews.

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