Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kids Card - Go Bananas!

Instructions (All cuts from George Cricut cartridge):
  1. In brown, cut two circles at 4". Cut two more circles at 1 1/2". Cut two narrow balloons at 3 1/2".
  2. In tan, cut two 1" circles and one 3" "fat" oval.
  3. In white, cut two 1 1/4" circles.
  4. In white, cut slotted tag in desired size.
  5. Ink all edges.
  6. Place star brads in white circles for the eyes.
  7. Draw mouth on 3" "fat" oval.
  8. Attach eyes and mouth to the front of one 4" circle.
  9. Attach one 1" tan circle to the front of each 1 1/2" brown circle to make the ears.
  10. Attach ears to the back of the 4" circle.
  11. Attach balloons (to form hands/arms) to the back of the 4" circle. (Attach so that when the arms are folded in, they will cover the eyes.)
  12. Attach the second 4" circle to the back of the decorated 4" circle (inked side out).
  13. Chalk cheeks and add dots or decoration as desired.
  14. Set snap/rivet in one side of ribbon. Attach with Zots to one hand.
  15. Measure length of ribbon (so it will reach the other hand), and cut. Slide slotted tag onto ribbon after writing your message on the tag. Set another snap/rivet in the other end of the ribbon and attach with Zots to the other hand.
  16. Decorate tag and card with Stickles as desired.
  17. Use wavy scissors or a scallop cut to make the envelope decoration. Add Stickles and a yellow brad. Draw bananas on the front of the envelope and color with chalk. Add Stickles as desired.
Thanks for looking!

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Ang said...

Hi it's Ang from the Cricut MB! I love your blog! Your directions are just awesome! I have added you to my favs! : )