Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kids Card - "Fishing" You A Happy Birthday

Instructions (All from ZooBalloo & George):
  1. Cut out a fish bowl at 4" (Real Dial Size On) in blue. Cut the silhouette at the same size (again in blue). Cut the layer at the same size in white vellum.
  2. Trim off the top of the vellum cut to resemble water waves. Trim the silhouette so only the bottom, outside ring remains (as in picture).
  3. Cut out grass at 1" in green.
  4. Cut out fish at 1 1/2" in orange (Real Dial Size On) and another at 1 1/4".
  5. Cut "(" and ")" out at 2" in brown (Real Dial Size On).
  6. Cut out envelope at 4" in white.
  7. Ink edges of grass, fish, fish bowl, and envelope in desired colors.
  8. Draw bubbles on envelope and ink in desired color.
  9. Attach grass to fish bowl, trimming to fit the curve.
  10. Attach white circle (ink edges in desired color and write "Happy Birthday" on it) to the center of the fish bowl. You can cut this from George at 1" or cut free hand.
  11. Attach vellum to fish bowl only at the edges. Attach fish bowl silhouette to vellum.
  12. Hook wire through 1 1/2" fish's tail and into one of the "(". Attach the other ")" on top to make the fishing pole. Attach to the fish bowl with a snap/rivet (loose enough to allow some turning). Insert fish into the "water", covering the "Happy Birthday" circle.
  13. Attach 1 1/4" fish to the envelope flap.
  14. Use Stickles and Liquid Pearls as desired.
  15. Cut slotted tag from George in desired size. Ink edges and write "Fishing you a..." on the tag. Thread with ribbon and trim ribbon ends. Attach to fish bowl.
THE END - Enjoy!

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Kate said...

I love your work!