Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Book Review :: Goodnight, Ark by Laura Sassi, illustrated by Jane Chapman

Goodnight, Ark is a children's picture book, written in rhyme. This book by Laura Sassi is a fun, fictional story about the animals on board Noah's ark.
Goodnight, Ark is both fun and funny, and I can see this becoming one of our favorites. A few pages are written with the anticipation on one page and the completed rhyme on the next page, giving a good chance for your young ones to join in with their guesses. 

Although the title may lead you to believe otherwise, Goodnight, Ark is not a Goodnight Moon-style book (where you are saying "goodnight" to something on each page). Rather, Goodnight, Ark is a story about the animals on board the ark who are getting scared as they try to go to sleep with the storm raging. I appreciated that the story includes animals which are not typically mentioned, such as boars and quail. (Just incase it needs to be stated explicitly - this is a fictional story, not a biblical account.)

The illustrations in Goodnight, Ark are fabulous. Illustrator Jane Chapman has done a wonderful job of creating images that are attractive and fun, giving the reader a lot to look at. (I watched my son's eyes darting around the pages, looking at all the detail.) The colors are a touch more muted than you might find in many other children's books, which I appreciate. Each illustration covers a full two-page spread.

Overall, I recommend Goodnight, Ark and think it would be a great addition to any family's bookshelf. 
FTC Declaration: The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy. This does not change the fact that I will give my honest opinion in my reviews.

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