Friday, August 1, 2014

Twine-Stitched Burlap Canvas {The Twinery}

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With the recent heartbreaking news that has come to my family with my baby nephew's passing, I have felt the need to create - but I haven't felt very inspired. That is a difficult crossroads to maneuver, so I have tried doing some simple things that don't take a whole lot of focus, but still fulfill the need to be creative. 

Enter what I am going to call the "Lazy Girl's Cross Stitch":
I had a burlap canvas sitting around that I hadn't used yet, and thought it would be a great surface for a little twine-stitching. Instead of doing the 'x' pattern of a traditional cross stitch, I went the lazy route and just did a series of long horizontal stitches with The Twinery's Solid Charcoal twine. After doing the horizontal stitches I wanted a little more coverage, so I then went over those with a series of long vertical stitches. 
I just free-handed the heart, but I am sure it would have gone even faster if I had used some sort of pattern. Even without a pattern, I was able to complete this project easily in under 30 minutes. (This would even be easy enough to do in a car on a road trip - if you aren't driving, of course.)

Once I had the heart finished, I used two strands of The Twinery's Solid Charcoal twine to finish it off with a double bow.
So, there you have it - a simple, quick project using minimal supplies and a cute final result.

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Gina said...

I have been super behind in blog reading - and obviously have been reading out of order as I'm just commenting on this post. I clicked through and read your brother's blog about Roscoe. My heart aches for them. I just cannot fathom how a parent grieves a child. this much I do know, God gives us the grace we need when we need it - and I can only pray He is **pouring** it on your brother and SIL, and you and the rest of the family. {hugs} to you!