Monday, September 17, 2007

BBTB Fall Contest Entry - Family Tree

Family Tree -
5 Generations!
Framed Artwork or Scrapbook Layout

  1. Design and cut out tree base on brown (8 1/2 x 11) paper. Cut identical reverse image on another piece of matching 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Distress edges (except very bottom and inside of tree). (Tree design now available on for download.
  2. Cut out family name letters from Cricut George cartridge at 1 1/4" - once regular in burgundy paper and once shadowed on cream paper. Distress all edges.
  3. Cut out 2" diamonds from Cricut George cartridge on dark green and light green paper. Round three edges to make leaf shape. Distress all edges. (This probably would have been a lot easier if I had Walk In My Garden and could have cut out 2" leaf shapes!)
  4. Write names of all family members on the leaves. Use dark green for male family members and light green for female family members. You can add birth/death dates if you desire.
  5. Cut 2" heart from George and distress all edges. Cut in half. (Cut small hearts in burgundy from George if desired to decorate the tree.) Write the names of "Mommy" and "Daddy" (yourself and your spouse) on each half of the heart. I have the male name on the left and the female name on the right.
  6. Distress three edges of two pieces of yellow cardstock.
  7. Attach tree cut out to each piece of yellow cardstock. (Attaching to the non-distressed side of the page.) [Be sure in this step that when you match up the non-distressed edges of each paper, the tree should match up and be a whole tree and the distressing should be continuous along the edges of the large rectangle made by the two pieces of paper.]
  8. Place the half-hearts on the trunk of the tree. I have the male name on the left and the female name (me) on the right.
  9. On the male tree piece of cardstock, attach the male family name along the outer edge of the page. (Burgundy letters attached to cream shadow letters and then attached to the page). Do the same for the female family page.
  10. Attach the leaves to the tree. I always keep the male name on the left and the female name on the right so that the color will be even throughout. For the leaves on the inside of the tree, each name should attach at the bottom of the "v" in the branch. The first "v" will be the name of one of your parents, the next "v" will be the name of your parents parents (your grandparents), and so on. The final leaves (your great-great grandparent) will be attached to the tip of the branches.
  11. Place small burgundy hearts throughout the tree as desired.
  12. Find two matching 12x12 frames and mount your work (hanging side by side as in the picture), or place in your scrapbook as a beautiful 2 page layout!
  13. If you have children and wish to include their names, here are a few ideas (this will make a 6 generation tree):
    1. Cut out extra leaves and write the children's names on them. Attach the leaves on the ground under the tree (like fallen leaves).
    2. Cut out bug shapes and maybe some grass. Write your children's names on the bugs and place them on the ground under the tree (or attach butterflies like they are flying in the air).
    3. Cut out flower shapes and some grass. Write your children's names on the flowers and place them on the ground under the tree.
PS - All names have been blurred in the image and the family names have been changed "to protect the innocent"... :o).

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